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Here’s Our 10-Step Review & Research Strategy in Details

Good Day Reader! Thanks for your interest in our Review & Research Strategy.

Topiify is a platform designed to provide students with the best online resources and suggestions. Our research team is comprised of a group of talented and passionate individuals who have taken hundreds of online courses and constantly exploring new topics in order to provide our users with the best online MOOCs. If you look over our article, you'll notice that we've covered practically every important factor that will assist you in choosing the best courses. Our strategy is to always recommend the top five courses. The more concise and specific our list is, the easier it will be for you to select the best courses. Isn't it?

We've also launched Topiify Insights, A sub blog of Topiify which will provide our users with skill-related updates and insights happening in the industry.

Our reviews are based on a step-by-step methodical approach, trials, and learner reviews, and then we give a full review of the course to help you decide what would be the best fit for you. Both free and paid courses are included in our recommendations. However, paid courses make up a large portion of our recommendations since they contain quality content and the instructors of paid courses are always committed to guide you, which is a crucial factor for online learning environment.

We want you to know that we may gain a portion of the money if you click through some of the links and end up signing up/registering or purchasing, but Affiliation or Sponsorship will never manipulate our recommendations. We are always committed to quality. If you need further information, reach out to us by filling up the Contact Us form or email us at

One important fact about our recommendation you should keep in mind that,

__we never rank our courses based on course ratings. It's simply an indicator of the quality of that particular course. We always consider all these factors for ranking a course because it's the only way to provide you with a fair recommendation. A highly rated course may not be a good fit for you always in terms of price and other factors.

Image of student's reviews

Our Research Team consider ratings very seriously and always collects featured and detailed reviews of the courses from their respective course platform. We always prefer reviews that describe the course better and give a good overview. However, some of the course platforms don't disclose their course review and ratings. In those cases, we give that a Topiify Rating after thorough research and evaluating the contents of the course.


Image of Certifications & Accreditations

Accreditation & Certification is another important factor in our Research. The courses offered by Coursera, edX, Google, IBM, MIT and Harvard etc. are always more preferred and accredited because of their authentic evaluation process than other course platforms which will provide you the certificate just after the completion without any test or evaluation. Fair enough!


Image of course structure
Comprehensive Study by Topiify Research Team

In this step, our research team thoroughly study the overall course to understand the course structure that ensures the overall quality of the course. Some courses are massive but poorly structed and full of repetitive contents, we rank those courses lower. The availability of quiz and assignments in every section, chronological order of the topics, byte-sized videos, standard modules and sections relevant to the course also checked carefully.


Image of course duration
Course Contents & Duration

Course duration & contents indicates the overall maturity and comprehensiveness of the course. Learners get confused if the course is too long and loaded with too much contents than necessity whereas a short-length course with few contents also lacks the ability to cover all the topics. So, both the length & contents of the course should be standard to the topic. There are exceptions too!


Image of course projects
Availability  of Projects

Necessary theory lessons is fine but too much theory without any project in an online course is boring as hell. Besides, a projects help the learners to implement his skills practically whatever he has learned throughout the course. Furthermore, project-based learning has become super popular among the globe. So, it's another crucial factor for a course to be enjoyable to it's learners.


Image of skill-based learning
Beginner Friendliness

Its another potential factor in our analysis. We always try to suggest beginner friendly courses. However, if we mix up both beginner and advanced courses in our recommendation, advanced courses are ranked after the beginner courses to make our recommendation more beginner-friendly. We therefore advice our readers to start with the courses that covers basics first, afterwards advanced courses will be helpful to them. This step is maintained to ensure learner's smooth learning experience.


Images of Calendar
Updated & Trending Materials

Back-dated courses suck. They waste learner's valuable time, money and effort. Since the technology and tools are evolving tremendously. the lessons must also be updated accordingly. Otherwise, students will find it really hard and confusing to implement what was taught in the courses. Besides, updated and trending materials will always keep you ahead of time as well as getting hired for jobs. We always try to remove back-dated courses from our recommendation.


Image of pricing tag

We carefully follow competitive pricing. Sometimes, same courses are available in different platform, therefore we choose the platform which provides the course in a competitively low price than other platforms. Furthermore, when the contents & quality of two courses are almost similar but the difference in price is huge, we always suggest the reasonable one to benefit our global online learners.


Image of Negative Reviews
Factors of
Negative Reviews

We always take into account constructive negative review of the students and verify them by in-depth analysis of the courses. Courses that have too much negative reviews with proven justification, are removed from our recommendation list. If the course improves in the future, we will definitely add it in our list.


Image of community reviews
Community Feedbacks

Community feedback is another technique to measure the long-term effectiveness of courses. Quora and reddit are full of smart people who get hired after taking these courses. They know better than anyone else if the course is up-to-date with the industry or not. Topiify is continuously on the lookout for the feedbacks on these courses, which is extremely valuable in helping us craft comprehensive course recommendations.


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