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Webflow: The Future of Web Development through no-code revolution [2022 Updated]

Hafsa Rao
10 min read
August 28, 2022
Webflow is a popular no-code website builder and wireframing tool that has made web development simpler and more accessible to the general people. If you are passionate about web design and development, you must check this tool right away.
Webflow Development
Webflow Development

Web development is the most demanding skill in today’s world, where everything from a small business to a large Enterprise organization depends upon its online visibility. A website is a source for them to be available for their customers whenever they need to provide them the services or information.

However, web development is a hectic job and requires many coding and programming skills. Typically, to become a web developer, you need to learn many things such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and so on. So, for those who want to become web developers but do not want to learn lots of coding and stuff, here is the no-code web development tool which is totally different from all other tools, i.e., Webflow. In this article, we will discuss:

  • What is no-code revolution?
  • How is it changing the world?
  • How does no-code development work?
  • Advantages of no-code web development
  • Getting started with Webflow – The Future of no-code revolution
  • Why should you choose Webflow over other no-code tools?
  • Features of Webflow

So, let’s start our discussion:

What is a no-code revolution?

As its name depicts, the no-code revolution is a way of creating software and website without writing the code manually. It is also called "low-code development," and people who aren't familiar with programming can take advantage of it. The programmers can also use it as it saves a lot of coding and debugging time. The no-code revolution is based upon the belief that technology should facilitate creation. It has opened the doors of web development wide open for those having no coding skills to showcase their ideas and creativity.

How is the no-code revolution Changing the World?

A few years back, web development could only be done by skilled programmers who had skills in all the web technologies. Building a website seemed out-of-reach for those with no technical background or programming skills in those days.

However, with the advancement of technology, developers have designed platforms for non-technical people to develop a website without writing a single line of code. This has revolutionized the entire industry. Due to the no-code revolution, employers nowadays look for people with skills in no-code technologies as they save their time and allow instant website development.

How does no-code development Work?

In no-code development, you are provided with a graphical user interface where you can easily drag and drop different elements on the screen and create a website. It also provides you with built-in designs to choose from. You need to choose a design if you do not want to build the site from scratch, change the content according to your needs, and your site is ready to publish.

Advantages of No-code development:

Including the fact that you don't need to master any programming skills, no-code development has many advantages:

  • It is Fast and Easy: As stated earlier that, in no-code development, you design your website with the help of a graphical user interface simply by dragging and dropping the elements. So web development becomes much easier, faster, and more robust as you do not have to write or debug the code.
  • Easy Update: The apps that are created using the no-code tools are easy to update. Traditionally, when a software application is needed to be updated or any new feature is added, it is often taken offline, and updating is done. On the other hand, in no-code applications, a new feature or changes in the existing features can be done while it is live.
  • No need for Teamwork: In no-code development, you do not need to hire people with expertise in different domains. Instead, a single person can create a whole website. Similarly, to update or change anything on the website, you do not need to spend a single penny hiring a programmer and fixing the problems.
  • Quick Maintenance: For the maintenance of the website, you do not need any programming professional to make changes. You can do everything with the help of the interface.
  • It is Fun: When you get familiar with a no-code development environment, you will know how fun it is and how you can build functional applications within a few clicks.
  • It is the Future: Over time, more and more people are adopting no-code development technologies as it saves time and energy and does not require any special skills. According to Gertner Study, by 2024, almost 75% of the enterprises will be using at least four no-code development tools. This shows how much popularity it is about to gain.

Webflow - the Future of No-code revolution:

Among the most famous no-code development technologies, Webflow is the most simple and easy. It is an in-browser design tool that lets you design, build and launch responsive, interactive, and amazing websites with zero code. It is an all-in-one tool that helps you turn your idea into reality.

Whether it a blogging site or just a landing page for your clients, Webflow has got something for everyone. If you are not a programmer, you can design and build a beautiful, user-friendly site with the help of hundreds of customizable templates. You can freely change anything you want after choosing a template or making your layouts using the tools.  

Besides, suppose you are a programmer having some basic or advanced knowledge and experience in web development technologies. In that case, Webflow allows you to work with three coding languages, i.e., HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Building a website has become a lot easier than ever before! Using Webflow, learn to earn by making beautiful sites for yourself and your clients. To learn Webflow, you will find plenty of tutorials and videos in the Webflow University.

Why should you choose Webflow over other no-code tools?

You might wonder why the earth you should use Webflow when there are so many alternatives available, like Wordpress, Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Squarespace, EditorX, and Ghost, among others. Well! The answer is straightforward. Webflow has the potential of outperforming all of Webflow's competitors in the future.

First, the functionalities of Webflow are absolutely incredible, which makes it easy for designers to create super amazing websites. They are continuously updating based on users feedback. You have full control over your design. Not to mention, Webflow CMS (Content Management System) is super easy to understand and manage after you learn it.

Second, and this is a huge advantage over all the other tools, you can export the code of whatever you build with Webflow. Thanks to the Udesly adapter, which allows you to transform Webflow websites into any other platform's theme, you may export the code at any time and move it to themes for Wordpress, Shopify, Ghost, Magneto, or other platforms.

Finally, Webflow is the republic of designers. Here people can make complex and fantastic websites with the blink of an eye which will cost even an expert developer a lot of time. Therefore, if you are a developer, you will likely be able to gain more from Webflow than individuals with less coding experience.

Note: Despite its numerous benefits, Webflow does have certain limits too. That said, the membership and logic features that are going to be released soon will significantly improve this tool. Check out their 2022 No-code conference.

Now that we are aware of the possibility that Webflow has for the future, let's talk about its features so that you may gain a greater understanding:

Webflow Features:

Almost all the no-code development tools share the same features. Here are some crucial features that Webflow offers to you:

1. Designing and Customizing:

Like any other low/no-code development tool, Webflow provides you a facility to design the user interface of your website simply by dragging the HTML elements and dropping them onto the Canvas. This way, it automatically generates semantic markup. This way, you do not get lost in hundreds of lines of code and save your time.

Besides, if you do not want to use the pre-built elements or want to customize anything, you always have an Editor to work on. Webflow also allows you to reuse your designs with the help of reusable symbols, classes, and styles.

2. Webflow Interface:

The user interface of Webflow itself is a bit complicated but not as much as that of other designer tools. You find the navigator displaying different parts of your website and some tools on the left side. To view the customization options for each Element, you can click on the corresponding Element. Webflow also lets you work with different screen sizes to help you make your website responsive for all devices. You can always customize how it looks on each screen size.

3. Webflow CMS:

If you are a content creator and have ever struggled to maintain your content on WordPress, you would be surprised to know that Webflow gives you complete control over building and customizing your pages. It also provides you with additional tools such as display images, author names, post titles, and much more by pulling the information from CMS.

Webflow CMS also lets you add various posts with or without media, and if you already have a blog elsewhere, you can import it into Webflow.

4. Interactions 2.0:

With interactions 2.0, you can create custom CSS transitions and JavaScript animations. Although it is a complex tool and can give you a tough time learning it, you can create pretty cool animations.

5. Deployment and Hosting:

Webflow also provides you with a hosting facility to deploy your website on the Internet at a reasonable price.

Other Incredible Features:

  • It is Free: Webflow is entirely free to use. You can create an account and build your fantastic website without trial features or limits.
  • It allows you to deploy even a two-page website by using the Webflow in your URL. This way, you can decide whether this platform is for you or not.
  • It also offers ecommerce tools to help you manage and maintain your store.

With all its incredible features and the speed at which it is being adopted worldwide, it would not be wrong the say that Webflow has a great future ahead!

Final Words:

As the world moves to no-code development, more and more such tools are being developed. Although almost all of these tools contain the same interfaces and technologies, Webflow is the best choice for anyone to build their website.

Whether you are an experienced programmer or a noob, you can start building a website with Webflow after learning. Its fantastic interface, tools, and features let you create the interactive, attractive, and fully-responsive website with a few clicks for free. Besides creating the website for yourself, you can earn a handsome amount by building the websites for others as well. So, why take more time to adopt a complicated technology? Get started with the future of the no-code revolution – Webflow!

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