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6 Programming Languages you should Learn as a Business Student in 2022

Hafsa Rao
6 min read
August 28, 2022
Programming languages are becoming increasingly popular as technology advances. If you want to stand out as a business student, you need to know some basic programming skills that are relevant to your field. Explore this article to learn more.
Programming for Students
Programming for Students

Being a business student, you must come across some problems that could only be solved with the help of software. Software is meant to solve complex problems more accurately and in a timely manner. Several aspects rely on computers in business, such as data analysis, financial management, operations, marketing, etc.

Nowadays, business students need to have expertise in programming or at least have know-how regarding it. Employers look for programming and data analysis experts to accomplish certain tasks. Even if the MBAs do not work with the programs themselves, they need to manage a team working under them.

Many business students start off working with some data analysis tools with an interface and a level of organization and interpretation; however, knowing how to extract important information is crucial, and it can only be gained after learning programming for business.

Knowing how to code can help you in any profession, not just business. So, where to get started?

To learn how to code, you first need to learn a programming language. The programmers and coders use a programming language to give instructions to the computer and build different software and websites to reduce human efforts and solve problems. Many programming languages are used for different applications, such as Python is widely used in the field of AI (artificial intelligence), C/C++ is used to program hardware devices, Rust is used in IoT (Internet of Things),

However, this article will discuss the 6 best programming languages you should learn as a business student in 2022. Stay tuned and get started with one of the programming languages to become a person in demand!

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular client-side scripting language used to give some meaning to different elements on a web page. It is widely used to build interactive applications. It makes the user interface more attractive and usable.

In business, the ability to run client-side and server-side scripts make JavaScript significant. The other aspects include its speed, high-quality control, huge community support, and frameworks. As a business professional, you can use JavaScript to:

  • Add functionality to spreadsheets
  • Customize your business website
  • Automate Windows applications
  • Enhance the desktop and tailor your browsing experience
  • Build database reports and visualize data

Learning JavaScript can benefit you in developing and growing the industry you are working in. Even if you own the business, you will not need to hire a professional programmer to perform small tasks.

2. Python

Python, along with being so popular in Artificial Intelligence applications, is highly demanded programming language for business. It is easy to learn for beginners due to its readability and usability. Python is the best language for business students as it can be used in a variety of applications such as:

  • For data analysis in ways that Excel cannot
  • To automate tasks to save time
  • Collecting information from the Web
  • Making a website
  • For machine learning & Deep Learning
  • Forecasting

Learning Python is specifically beneficial for business students because it is free, easy to use, extensible, and scalable. Learning Python can take much time but being a business student, you only need to learn the basics of Python for data analysis, web scraping, and automation.

3. C++

C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It is widely used in machine programming, i.e., embedding the programs in hardware devices to work properly. The other applications include operating systems, database management systems, medical applications, etc.

In business, C++ is useful due to its portability, as the programs written in C++ work the same in all operating systems without generating any errors.

4. R

R is a popular programming language and software tool that was developed and designed for statisticians. In business, R is widely used for data analysis & visualization. It can also be used for statistical inference and machine learning. It is mainly popular among mathematicians, statisticians, data miners, data scientists, and data analysts.

You can get a lot of value from R as a business student. Whether it is business data analysis or academic research on various economic and financial fields, R is the best match for that.

5. SQL

SQL is for Structured Query Language, and it is used to manage databases. It is widely used in academics, business, and industry. The main purpose of SQL is to pull data from a company’s database. Although the database is too complex for business students to understand, they do not need to learn it completely but should know how to pull data from a database.

6. Kotlin

Another general-purpose language, officially released in 2016 for Android, Web, and server-side application development. It is compatible with Java libraries and JVM. Due to its compatibility with Java, this language is considered a substitute for Java. Compared to other languages, you need to write less code using Kotlin, making your code less redundant and more maintainable. In business management, you can use Kotlin to automate the processes saving your time and energy as well as make custom apps to solve particular business problem without a developer.

Why should you Learn Programming as a Business Student?

You might be wondering why you need to learn to program when you are a business student. In this section, you will find your answers:

To Build Relations with your Tech Team

The success of a business depends upon teamwork, and it can only be achieved if you act as a part of a team. The tech team usually plays a vital role in achieving your business objectives faster. When you know to code yourself, you will understand the efforts and time needed to complete a project and estimate the costs better. This way, you can help your team manage and schedule the tasks better.

Scarcity of Resources

When you start a business, you face difficulty building relations and finding skilled resources due to a lack of confidence. So when you know how to code, you will be able to work on the projects yourself and save time while searching for a willing person.

Effective Human Resource Evaluation

When you have programming knowledge, you will be able to evaluate the abilities of people you are considering hiring in your company. To choose the best talent among the available resources, you should know the field you are hiring for.

Informed Decision Making

Although most of the tasks would be looked after by your tech team, there will be times when they will look upon you to make certain decisions. In those circumstances, you will have to explain everything in their language to make informed choices. Learning to program can help you better understand what your team is working on and what problem they are facing. This way, you will be able to leverage your business.

Enhance your Critical Thinking

While learning to program, you also learn to solve complex problems by dividing them into multiple smaller problems. This way, you develop the skill to break down large business problems into smaller ones and gradually solve them. You’ll improve your critical thinking ability and make good business decisions eventually.

Be More Creative

Coding can greatly boost your creativity. Learning to code and problem solving helps you enhance your creativity, which will help you come up with creative solutions to business problems. Moreover, as technology develops, knowing how to code will help you leverage latest technologies more effectively for your company.

Final Words

As a business student, you would most probably be an entrepreneur or businessman in the future. To make a business stand out in the competition, you must have knowledge regarding various subjects. Among those subjects, programming is one. Learning programming can benefit you in many ways as a businessperson. In this article, we have discussed how learning programming as a business student may help you.

Moreover, this article mentions the 6 best programming languages for business students to learn in 2022 and the benefits of learning programming. We hope that this writing will help you escalate your business to the new peak of success. Thank you for reading it!

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