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22 Effective Ways to Make Yourself Stand Out in Life and Work

Nayeem Rahman Chowdhury
11 min read
August 28, 2022
Everyone wants to stand out from others in life and work, but it's not that easy. You have to build up some qualities within yourself as well as follow some strategies. We'll provide you some of the most effective tips in this article.
Career Development
Career Development

Most individuals prefer to be recognized and to stand out. This could be valuable in social situations as well as at the workplace. But at times, we may feel as if we are invisible at work or in a friend circle.

We might do our jobs well, but we might do them so well that our efforts are hardly ever noticed. But to succeed and get recognized one must stand out from the crowd. So, to win the beautiful marathon of daily existence, you must run it and do your finest, but also confront competition and stand out in your very own manner, as Frank Sinatra said, "I did it my way." It is also important to understand that there are essential traits that will benefit you and aid you to achieve your goals in life.

However, it might be difficult to stand out when there are lots of other people around. So, what strategies can you follow to make yourself stand out in life or at work? How can you ensure that people recall yourself? How can you leave a strong image? What separates you and how can you distinguish yourself from the crowd?

So, here are 22 basic but effective strategies to make yourself stand out in life and work.

1. Communicate effectively

You would believe that having outstanding communication skills is gifted, but you'd be wrong. Many highly qualified individuals lack good, corporate communication abilities. Pay close attention to how you represent yourself, not only in professionally written correspondence, but as well as in e-mails, phone calls, and in person. Always communicate with confidence, courtesy, and clarity. Provide your undivided attention, keep eye contact, and strive to grasp and internalize what others are saying. Your ability to interact with a wide range of audiences, particularly top management, is highly regarded.

Professionals with strong communication abilities are valued by managers. With these crucial soft skills, you will certainly grab the notice of supervisors by participating in conferences at appropriate moments and frequently reporting progress on projects.

2. Volunteer as much as you can

Companies and organizations are getting more and more interested in community service.

Professionals who volunteer together for a worthy cause or an exciting initiative are noticed by management. Develop the reputation of being the "go-to" person for support. It will go a long way if you are that person! By trying to help others you'll stand out as a fantastic employee—one that most organizations don't want to lose.

3. Take the lead in the project

Quietness does not get you noticed; it makes you go overlooked. Pop up in your profession and strive to just be the leader you believe you are capable of being one day at a moment. Someone needs to get a hold. Why shouldn't you be the one? You will strike out if you do this properly.

Taking the reins on a project is the simplest way to stand out. "Certainly, I'll take it on," be the first to say. It is vital to stand out not just to your manager, but as well as to your co-workers. You might want them to come to you whenever they need help. However, don't boast about it. Make certain that you are not known for doing things only to get the limelight. Be sincere in your willingness to support and lead.

4. Express your valuable opinions

Your opinions are what make you intriguing. While you are not required to push your thoughts on others, most people gravitate to individuals who have strong views on a number of issues. There's no need to hide your views if they vary from the majority. People will be more fascinated by unconventional viewpoints. This can really enable you in standing out.

Once you've formed your thoughts, be confident in expressing them. You will not distinguish if you merely agree in debates and conversations. Feel free to voice your thoughts on fields such as politics and current affairs. Also, remind yourself that it is fine to say "no." Learn to master saying no in minimal circumstances.

5. Show Proactiveness

We've all had those instances when we realize we could do more if we wanted to. However, you did not. Anticipate potential problems and propose changes to solve them. Do not be a "passive" employee who waits for stuff to occur.

One of the most powerful methods to impress your boss is to seek out and obtain new skills and accreditations on your own. Pay close attention to the capabilities of your colleagues who are skilled, as well as, maybe more crucially, those of the persons in the managerial positions to whom you aspire. You should also attempt to learn stuff that fill knowledge gaps in your sector and that your boss frequently likes and applauds.

6. Engage in hobbies

People who are exciting usually have a lot of things to be busy with. Others will find you more intriguing if you have more hobbies, passions, and interests. This will help you in developing a distinct personality. Experimenting with new things will broaden your horizons. This will offer you additional topics to discuss. You may also engage with people while attempting new activities, which will help you enhance your interpersonal skills.

7. Be kind

Compassion is not a characteristic that everyone possesses, thus being kind to everybody might make you stand apart. Be courteous to everyone you meet or contact, even if you do have nothing at all to accomplish by doing so.

8. Take feedback positively

People stand out for many different reasons, and not all of them are good. Always be open to feedback and comments as you concentrate on establishing your individuality.

If you receive feedback positively, act on it immediately away. This will aid in keeping your character on the track. You'll grow a distinct, endearing personality.

9. Don't wait to be asked to do something

If you notice something that needs fixing, but no one is doing it, DO IT. Even if it's as simple as having to clean up after a group meal or assisting with a workplace function. It never ceases to amaze how few people do this. Simply doing your work does not make you stand out. It is critical to go beyond the requirements of your position description. It's actually fairly simple: those that step aside and assist others to stand out.

10. Share ideas and suggestions

Initiate with your own work, and if you have a suggestion on how it may be done more effectively, suggest it. Even if your employer objects, keep making ideas whenever you can. Perhaps one of your ideas will ultimately get traction, and you will create a change at work. Quite often the simplest ideas have the most influence.

11. Be first with a purpose.

Every day, many employees, managers, and business owners are one of the first to enter. That's fantastic, but what do you do with your free time? Attempt to organize your ideas. So instead of focusing on your personal belongings, do something that is clearly beneficial to the organization. Take care of any remaining issues from the previous day. Set up things so that when people arrive, they can get right to work.

12. Be Humble

Being selfless and aiding others in need are examples of the beauty of life. Nobody wants to hear other people repeatedly talk about their accomplishments; it seems that they are seeking attention from others.

13. Have good manners

Manners may appear archaic, yet they are the language of respect. When an individual feels appreciated, no matter who that person is, whether it is your boss, your wife, or your man, they will appreciate the well-mannered individual for the rest of their lives. Thank them, shake their hands, and, most crucially, smile.

14. Show a little of your personal side

Personal interests help others in identifying and remembering you. That is a massive benefit for a new employee in a crowded market. Let others learn a little bit about you; a few personal facts will bring light and dimension to your professional appearance.

15. Stand up for your time.

Time is a valuable and scarce resource, and yet we frequently feel compelled to give it away when we have the option to decline. There may be situations when you have no option, such as when your employer declares a project to be of prime focus. But don't let duties define how you spend your time. You have complete control over your time.

16. Be nice

Okay, perhaps it seems kind of ridiculous. However, be nice to others and avoid insulting your company, ever. Even if you desperately want to. Promote and talk about your organization to demonstrate that you are a leader. Someone who speaks negatively about their employer is trying to bite the hand that feeds them. If things aren't as you'd like for them to be, try to improve them. Also, be nice and thoughtful in all of your interactions in life, so that even if you make mistakes others will not be happy to see you fail.

17. Use humor

People prefer to get along with folks who are entertaining. You don't have to be the star of every party, especially if it goes against your personality, but tried to brush and relax while you're out and about. Allow your sense of humor to shine through. Make jokes even if they appear foolish or ridiculous. This will set you out from the crowd.

18. Talk about your interests

Don't be afraid to let others know what interests you. If someone inquiries about your interests and hobbies, please share. Discuss interests that are special to you. Maybe you know a lot about French history. Discuss a new book on French history that you're reading with someone.

19. Approach work problems creatively

Not everything at work needs a formula. Consider innovative approaches to problems, even if you are taking on a new or old job. A unique or creative technique may produce excellent outcomes, and this may be exactly what you want to stand out at work. To generate ideas for a sales campaign, for example, you may employ typical sales approaches while simultaneously inviting your colleagues to test out new sales techniques that you have investigated.

20. Be a good listener

The ability to listen might also help you stand out because not everyone owns this quality. Develop your listening skills and put them to use anytime possible. Maintain eye contact and smile to demonstrate that you are focusing, repeat what the speaker says to indicate that you understand them, and pose questions to express your curiosity about what they are saying.

21. Every time you do a job, make it more efficient.

Sometimes in life, we have to execute a work repeatedly. Some people always try to get better at their jobs, while others don't care. However, this is a vital skill. Whether in life or workplace, every time you do a job, make it more efficient. To set yourself apart from others, try to constantly improve. Break your limit every time and reach a new level of productivity. Don’t think about what people say, do it for your sake. This ability will help you to reach the highest pinnacle of your career undoubtedly.

22. Ask smart questions

Another excellent technique to display your value at work is to ask insightful questions. When you speak up, you not only understand further about your organization, field, and industry, but you also demonstrate that you're engaged in what you're doing. Try not to ask too many questions. Also, respect your manager's time. A good way to deal with questions is to ask the most important ones right away and write down with the rest to look at later.

These are the strategies that will help you bring the "what" to the table and make yourself successful to be stand out in life and work.

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