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10 most essential skills you must develop in your student life to gain career advantage

Nayeem Rahman Chowdhury
6 min read
August 28, 2022
A student who has a diverse set of skills always stands out from other students. If you want a career advantage, you must build your skills while you are a student because companies prefer multi-skilled employees over others.
Career Development
Career Development

When you ask somebody what are the significant skills they learnt in school, they are likely to attribute quasi examples as their most useful talents. Although English, mathematics, and physics are evidently essential for academic growth, skills such as data analysis, problem solving, communication skills, public speaking skills, and so on are equally important for students' future in this competitive era.

Being successful as a student in the twenty-first century requires a wide range of skills in addition to academic excellence. The stakes and objectives are bigger than they've ever been.

So, what do you really need to learn to just be competent in 2022 and well beyond? Answering this question is difficult. The list is endless, and it truly depends on whatever you want to accomplish with your life. Technologies evolve at a rapid pace, businesses emerge and just go, and assumptions are frequently proven incorrect. Nevertheless, as Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” it's worth considering, both for professional career advancement and for the genuine thrill of mastering something fresh.

We think these are the most important skills to work on as a student for career advantage, and we're pretty sure they'll be useful for the foreseeable future. Each of these has the capacity to significantly alter your life for the better.

1. Programming Languages

A crucial skill for a student is programming languages. Whether you choose to work in the Web Development industry, Machine Learning, or any other field, you must grasp and apply basic programming ideas. Nevertheless, you are not expected to be fluent in every programming language, but you may master the languages that are relevant to your industry and area of specialty. Python, Java, Ruby, C, C++, and more popular programming languages are available for you to learn based on your professional goals. You may quickly learn these programming languages from a variety of trustworthy online and offline materials.

2. Faster Typing Skills

The ability to write at a baseline of 50-60 wpm (words per minute) in English on a home pc and on a laptop is good. In college, students are required to deliver several projects on different courses, and all of these tasks are made utilizing computers and the internet. Students who know how to type in English rapidly and effectively, will preserve time and cost.

3. Presentation Skills

Presentation is a cognitive skill that is demonstrated in class through the capstone project. Students can adapt and learn about Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides to prepare presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint has more presenting possibilities than Google Slides. Excellent presentation skills generate a pleasant influence upon others. This provision also applies whenever you communicate with others. If applied effectively, it will draw people's attention to you.

4. Graphic Designing and Image Editing Skills

Almost every sector needs artists and designers with a strong sense of design to create appealing product, illustrations and contents. To capture the interest of others, you must specifically highlight your design talents, whether you specialize in graphic design, UI/UX design, or illustration. Specific examples of popular design-related skills include:

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic design
  • UI/UX design
  • Photography & Image Retouching
  • Web design
  • Product Design

Understanding some fundamental design ideas might be valuable even if you're not a professional. You'll be able to create more visually appealing presentations...or just more fascinating Instagram pictures. And if you deal with designers in the future, it will make communication a lot simpler.

Image editing and artistic skills aren't vital computer skills for students, even if they're skilled. But the true fact, which many people are unaware of, is that anything we do in our lives and everything we observe today is a blend of art and science.

So, in our opinion, it is crucial for students to recognize their initial abilities and develop them in their spare time by using different image editing, graphics design, and animation tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and so on.

5. Web Development

Although we do not even believe that everyone ought to (or wishes to) code, we do believe that learning web development is a worthwhile skill to have.

Certainly, you may utilize it to earn cash by working or freelancing. However, it also allows you to create and market your stuff online much more smoothly. It may also be a lot of fun and exhilarating.

You can also make your portfolio by yourself and showcase your skills better than others. Finally, it's an excellent access point to more advanced (but still helpful) forms of programming.

If you are interested, you can explore our article on The complete walkthrough of Web Development.

6. Public speaking

This really is essential; the time for shyness is over! You must conquer your nervousness and attend as many events as possible! There is no greater forum for this than college and university.

Public speaking reinforces courage, which is necessary once you commence work. People are so frightened of this chance that they never take advantage of it. Trust me, this is a talent worth practicing, and if you're strong at it, chances will come calling.

7. Interpersonal Skills

Students must constantly improve on their inter and intrapersonal abilities to prevent developing a large ego. So, what's the distinction?

Interpersonal skills belong to your personality or social competence, whereas intrapersonal skills refer to your temperament and how you control yourself. Being able to speak properly is strongly related to having good interpersonal skills. Being a skilled communicator makes it simpler to create friends, maintain meaningful professional connections, and even locate jobs.

8. Data analysis

Per some professionals, data is now more expensive than oil. As a result, the demand for data analysts has grown significantly. Individuals who can analyze, model, and extract usable insights from data are in great demand right now, particularly in the IT industry.

If you have good data analysis abilities, you would be able to attract the attention of recruiters in the future. Other types of data analysis skills also include:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Data visualization
  • Data cleaning
  • SQL & NoSQL
  • Python

9. Technical Writing

In today's business world, technical writing is an in-demand expertise. It focuses on the documenting of technical activities or processes, such as reports, briefings, project summaries, recommendations, and so on. Even though the role of a technical writer is not confined to writing, one must grasp the entire project situation from the beginning to the end.

Working on different elements such as analysis, gathering deep knowledge of the project, solid communication skills, appropriate presenting skills, and so on will help you become a skilled technical writer. As an experienced technical writer, your objective should be to ensure that all information is understood properly and smoothly by the reader.

Here are other writing skills students can learn:

  • Email drafting
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Blog writing
  • Storytelling

10. Video Editing & Content Creation

Last but not the least, you must have some video editing & content creation skills from your student life. In fact, almost everyone smart nowadays has a YouTube channel where they create contents and promote their skills. Students are also becoming involved in this industry and have started sharing their skills on YouTube. Then, why not you?

Create a YouTube channel for whatever skills you have, work on it, and start making some quality contents. If your content is good, your channel will be flooded with subscribers. That’s when video editing will come in help. When you combine these two skills, you will be far ahead of your peers, and in the future, you will not only have a graduation degree, but also a million followers who like to hear and learn from you.

Bottom Line

So, just the same as preparing for examinations is crucial, developing these skills for jobs and career growth is also essential. Do not however wait for the flame to start before digging the well.

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