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5 Best React Courses That Are Most Popular and Complete in 2022

15 min read
October 14, 2022
React is the most popular javascript framework in the industry right now. Get hired as a full-time MERN stack web developer by mastering the full power of react learning from the best react courses we have compiled for you.

When working with any programming language, frameworks play a vital role in making our lives easier by providing the developers with the tools and technologies most widely used in software development. When we use a framework for development, we only need to focus on the high-level functionality of the system, and the chosen framework takes care of the rest.

For example, Microsoft has .NET Framework to develop the applications in C# and other related languages. Similarly, JavaScript, the most widely used client-side scripting language, has a couple of frameworks with a collection of tools and predefined libraries to be used by the developers and make their lives easier. The popular JavaScript frameworks include:

  • Angular.js 
  • React.js 
  • Vue.js 
  • Ember.js 
  • Meteor.js

Plenty of other frameworks are also available, but the ones mentioned above are the most widely used. However, we are going to focus on React.js in this article.

React.js was created by Facebook and is a JavaScript library. It is used in front-end design meaning that it serves as a tool for building user interface components. It helps you create interactive UIs with greater code predictability. All you have to do is design simple views for every state in your application, and react will automatically update and render the suitable component whenever the data changes.

Why choose React?

The question arises here: Why should you prefer to use React over other JavaScript Frameworks? The answer is: according to some research and experience, it has been found that react is much more flexible when compared to other JavaScript frameworks. The code in React is easier to manage due to its modular structure. Another reason for preferring React is that it is designed to provide high performance. React is so easy to learn for new and experienced programmers. Furthermore, it becomes SEO friendly when integrated with Next.js, which is the primary concern of most website owners.

Stuff you can build using React?

Now, you must be wondering what kind of applications you can create using React. You can create single-page applications with React as well as if you are interested in creating mobile applications that is also possible by using another version of React framework for mobile applications, i.e., React Native. In fact, react is widely used to design user-interfaces for web and mobile applications.

Job Market and Future Potential of React:

Like any other widely-used programming language, the React framework became popular as soon as it was introduced. It gained so much potential in minimum time and became one of the top requirements for front-end developer jobs. React is expected to stay the industry-leading technology for a long time and will not be replaced by any other framework library due to its strong base. So many programmers are now used to it, and it is the oldest yet most widely used technology. Nowadays, it is so popular among programmers and developers that it is on most web pages and mobile applications. React.js is going to hold its position tightly in the future as well.

Getting Started With React.js:

Since we have discussed the main features of React, let’s move toward how to be a react.js developer. Learning anything is not so difficult in this era of the Internet as there are plenty of resources available for any topic. For example, YouTube is full of free online video lectures; you can find thousands of articles, hundreds of online courses, dozens of online or offline books, and a lot more stuff. To learn React, you can choose and use anything that you prefer. However, the best and recommended way for learning anything is by taking online courses and learning from the comfort of your home under the supervision of an experienced instructor. The Internet is full of the best tutorials for React.

Hundreds of websites and platforms teach React.js differently, but Udemy is, as always, the best place to learn React JS. Hence, this article mentions the Top 5 online courses to learn React on Udemy below. Let’s look at all the courses one by one and choose where to start:

This Course Includes:

  • Duration:  52.5 hours of video lessons
  • Contents:  31 sections • 570 lectures
  • Popularity:  262,356 students enrolled
  • Ratings:  4.7 out of 5 (74,818 Ratings)
  • Certification:  Available
  • Level:  All Levels

The Modern React with Redux course is the best course for React and Redux. This particular course lets you understand how to build outstanding single-page applications using React JS and Redux. By taking this course, you can understand the power of composable components and master the fundamentals of structuring Redux applications. According to the author of this course, it is the most complete, popular, and up-to-date curriculum to be taught. You will also learn the design patterns used in top companies worldwide during this course. Undoubtedly, this is indeed the best React Redux course on Udemy. The only thing required to take this React course is a Windows or Mac PC.

Stephen Grider, an engineering architect, has designed this best course to learn React for programmers who want to develop their skills in JavaScript frameworks and want to grow out of just using jQuery. This outstanding course lets you understand React.js deeply.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Building Content with JSX
  • Communicating with Props
  • Structuring Apps
  • Class-Based Components
  • State in React Components
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • Input with Forms and Events
  • Making API Requests
  • Building Lists of Records
  • Using Ref's for DOM Access
  • Understanding Hooks
  • Navigation From Scratch
  • Hooks in Practice
  • Deploying a React App
  • On We Go...To Redux!
  • Integrating React with Redux
  • Async Actions with Redux Thunk
  • Redux Store Design
  • Navigation with React Router
  • Authentication with React
  • Redux Dev Tools
  • Handling Forms with Redux Form
  • REST-Based React Apps
  • Using React Portals
  • Implementing Streaming Video
  • The Context System with React
  • Replacing Redux with Context

Featured Review:

“This course changed how I think about and process code. I have always wanted to try building my own web application and this has given me the confidence to do so! Stephen really goes into great detail to help you gain a deep understanding of challenging concepts while keeping things fresh. I highly recommend this course to anyone.” – Kimberley K.

Best Features of This Course:

Up-to-date course materials with hands-on projects
Build amazing single-page applications with React JS and Redux
Top rated among the communities
Self-paced Learning Style
Affordable Pricing: $11.99

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This Course Includes:

  • Duration:  48 hours of video lessons
  • Contents:  31 sections • 494 lectures
  • Popularity:  555,672 students enrolled
  • Ratings:  4.6 out of 5 (146,989 ratings)
  • Certification:  Available
  • Level:  All Levels

This course covers the concepts of React from scratch. The best React course for beginners has been designed by Maximillian Schwarzmullar (an online instructor) and includes the fundamentals and the advanced concepts that most courses do not cover. While taking this curriculum, you will learn to create user-friendly, fast, and robust React web applications, developing the skills required for highly paid jobs. After completing this best React Js course, you can apply for a front-end developer job. The program also covers React Hooks and React Components.

The requirements for taking this React course include:

  • The knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals is a must. 
  • JavaScript and ES6 expertise are good to have but is not necessary.

You can avail this course if:

  • You want to build the reactive and fast web applications 
  • You want to learn the trendy technology used by the most popular companies

This is indeed the best course to learn ReactJS!

Things You’ll Learn:

  • JavaScript Refresher
  • React Basics
  • Working With Components
  • React State
  • Working with Events
  • Rendering Lists
  • Conditional Content
  • Styling React Components
  • Debugging React Apps
  • A Complete Practice Project
  • Working with Fragments
  • Portals & "Refs"
  • Handling Side Effects
  • Using Reducers
  • Using the Context API
  • Building a Food Order App
  • React & Optimization Techniques
  • Class-based Components
  • Sending Http Requests
  • Custom React Hooks
  • Working with Forms & User Input
  • Adding Http & Forms
  • Diving into Redux
  • Advanced Redux
  • Building a Multi-Page SPA
  • Deploying React Apps
  • Adding Authentication
  • Introduction to Next.js
  • Animating React Apps
  • Replacing Redux with React Hooks
  • Testing React Apps
  • React + TypeScript
  • React Hooks Introduction & Summary
  • React Summary & Core Features

Featured Review:

“An amazing course to start building React applications, the instructor is extremely great, he explains everything in different ways and shows us all the possible ways to work with React. If you're thinking about taking your career to the next level and learning something trendy, I really advise you in this course. Lastly, I want to thank the instructor for such a lovely course. I wish you all the best. Regards.” – Obada Q.

Best Features of This Course:

A comprehensive guide to build powerful, fast, user-friendly, and reactive web apps
Learn all about React Hooks and React Components
Highest rated by the students
Affordable Pricing: $11.99

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This Course Includes:

  • Duration:  41.5 hours of video lessons
  • Contents:  36 sections • 325 lectures
  • Popularity:  96,851 students enrolled
  • Ratings:  4.6 out of 5 (19,521 Ratings)
  • Certification:  Available
  • Level:  All Levels

As its name depicts, this best React course on Udemy covers React from beginners to an advanced level covering everything from scratch. The amazing curriculum aims to make you the senior React developer by explaining the most in-demand React libraries such as Redux, Hooks, GraphQL, etc. The things you learn on this course include:

  • Building enterprise React applications 
  • Setting up authentication and user accounts 
  • Converting applications to Progressive Web applications and much more!

This program was developed by Andrei Neagoie, the founder of and senior software developer. He has been the instructor of the highest-rated programming and technical online courses. This React course is one of the highest-rated online courses. This best certification for React Js is aimed for:

  • Students who want to learn React framework beyond the beginner level 
  • Programmers who wish to enhance their skills to stand out in web development 
  • People who wanna be a part of the top 10% of React.js developers 
  • Those willing to gain experience by working on the large scalable applications

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction
  • React Key Concepts
  • React Basics
  • Setting Up E-commerce Project
  • React Router and Routing
  • Forms + Components
  • Firebase + User Authentication
  • Redux 1
  • Session Storage + Persistence
  • Redux 2
  • Advanced Routing
  • State Normalization
  • Stripe Payments Part 1
  • Deploying To Production
  • CSS in JS - styled-components
  • Advanced Redux + Firebase
  • HOC Patterns
  • Asynchronous Redux
  • Container Pattern
  • Redux-Saga
  • React Hooks
  • Advanced React Hooks
  • Stripe Payments Part 2 - Backend
  • Context API
  • GraphQL + Apollo
  • Mobile Support
  • React Performance
  • React Interview Questions + Advice
  • Progressive Web App
  • Firebase Security
  • Testing in React
  • Webpack + Babel
  • Build a GatsbyJS Blog
  • Appendix 1: Key Developer Concepts
  • Open Source Projects
  • AMA + Bonus

Featured Review:

“I have previous experience with react, so I am taking this course as an intermediate level. The course seems to be great so far, covering all of the essential topics in React. I will update my progress as I progress through the course.”  – Ashfaq S.

Best Features of This Course:

Up-to-date course materials with massive discord community
Learning to build enterprise-level React applications and deploy them
Building a large-scale project that really impresses your employer
Self-paced Learning Style.
Affordable Pricing: $11.99

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This Course Includes:

  • Duration:  39 hours of video lessons
  • Contents:  19 sections • 200 lectures
  • Popularity:  78,118 students enrolled
  • Ratings:  4.6 out of 5 (21,459 ratings)
  • Certification:  Available
  • Level:  Beginner

The Complete React Developer course explains how to build React applications and launch using multiple React libraries and is the best course to learn React. By taking this outstanding course, you will learn to develop, test, and launch React applications, create and set up user accounts and authentication, and deploy the web applications on the web. This React training claims to make you the master in React, Redux, React Routing, etc.

The curriculum starts with the basic concepts of React, moving forward to building the React web applications step by step and ending up deploying the app on the web. It would not be wrong to call this course the best advanced React course on Udemy. The requirements for taking this course include:

  • A computer to learn and practice. 
  • Understanding of core JavaScript.

It is recommended to take the best React course for those looking forward to launching React applications, changing their career, or working as a freelance React developer. This React training is designed by Andrew Mead, a full-stack developer, and teacher.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Hello React
  • React Components
  • Stateless Functional Components
  • Webpack
  • Using a Third-Party Component
  • Styling React
  • React-Router
  • Redux
  • React with Redux
  • Testing Your Application
  • Deploying Your Apps
  • Firebase 101
  • Firebase with Redux
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Styling Budget App
  • Hooks
  • Context
  • Fragments and More

Featured Review:

“Andrew Mead is an excellent instructor. The course presentation is outstanding. This course is not just someone delivering or sharing their knowledge, a student will receive a good overall guidance and teaching. I highly recommend this course. However, if you have some knowledge of React you can still enjoy the course. This course also has focused on testing and refactoring code which is a useful thing to learn.”  – Mohammad R.

Best Features of This Course:

A comprehensive guideline on building real-world React applications
Building 2 comprehensive projects (Indecision & Budget App)
Self-paced Learning Style.
Affordable Pricing: $11.99

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This Course Includes:

  • Duration:  39 hours of video lessons
  • Contents:  39 sections • 313 lectures
  • Popularity:  35,135 students enrolled
  • Ratings:  4.6 out of 5 (6,758 Ratings)
  • Certification:  Available
  • Level: Beginner

Being another one of the best React courses on Udemy, the course covers React framework from the beginning to the advanced concepts with the help of many small projects. In this best React tutorial, you build 10+ projects and a massive project at last. The course covers the fundamentals of React Hooks, State Management, React Router, React Design Patterns and Strategies, integrating react with APIs, DOM events, and much more.

Set by Colt Steele, a Developer, and Bootcamp Instructor, this best React Js tutorial requires learners to experience HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course covers ES7 features, so you don’t get to be an expert in JavaScript.

The best React JS tutorial is recommended for those:

  • who are new to front-end frameworks and want to get started with React 
  • willing to create a portfolio of React Applications 
  • looking for practice or facing difficulty in learning React
  • who want to level up their skills in web development

Things You’ll Learn:

  • A Taste of React
  • Introducing JSX
  • Props and More
  • Introducing Create React App
  • Pokedex Project
  • Introducing State
  • React State Dice Exercise
  • React State Patterns
  • State Exercises!
  • The World of React Events
  • Hangman Exercise
  • Lights Out Game
  • Forms in React
  • Forms Exercise
  • Todo List Project
  • Building Yahtzee
  • React Lifecycle Methods
  • LifeCycle Methods & API Exercise
  • Building the Dad Jokes App
  • React Router
  • Vending Machine Exercise
  • React Router Patterns
  • Router Exercises Part 2
  • The Massive Color Project
  • JSS & withStyles (Color App)
  • Introducing React Hooks
  • React Hooks Project
  • The Context API!
  • Using Context with Hooks
  • State Management
  • useReducer and useContext
  • Next JS
  • Next: Fetching & Server API
  • Webpack Mini Course

Featured Review:

“I love the way you deliver Colt! You rock bro! I love every part of this course and I would definitely watch them again and again. - Complete explanation on what is what, - Excellent explanation telling out how one item connects with another. -Coverage of entire topics with clarity in the delivery -Finally, fun projects in which things make sense in why they are practiced in a certain way. In sum, this is a must-learn course for any react.JS learner. :-)” – Siva R.

Best Features of This Course:

A new comprehensive, and project-heavy course by a famous instructor
One massive capstone application with nearly 20 different React components
Self-paced Learning Style.
Affordable Pricing: $11.99

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Thank you for reading this article. Hope you find the best React Js certification with the help of our article! If you liked our recommendations for the best React courses, please share this article with others.

After reading the whole article, you must be wondering which certification is best for data science? So, here is our recommendation:

  • React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux), the course offered by Maximilian Schwarzmüller is the best as it’ll help you master the core react fundamentals with a comprehensive guideline.
  • But if you want to be a professional and seek the most updated knowledge that will help you in gaining industry-recognized skills, Complete React Developer in 2022 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) will be the best course for you with a massive community.

Besides, having a website for your business is crucial in today’s world, and a website with beautiful graphics works like a charm in grabbing your customer's attention. So, check out our 5 Best Graphic Design Courses & Certifications to take in 2022 to learn Graphics Designing and create beautiful graphics for your website. Thank you, and best of luck!



1. Modern React with Redux [2022 Update] – Udemy

2. React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) – Udemy
3. Complete React Developer in 2022 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) – Udemy
4. The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux) – Udemy
5. The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router) – Udemy


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4.6 out of 5 (74,818 Ratings)
4.6 out of 5 (146,989 ratings)
4.6 out of 5 (19,521 Ratings)
4.6 out of 5 (21,459 ratings)
4.6 out of 5 (6,758 Ratings)

Students Enrolled

262,356 students enrolled
555,672 students enrolled
96,851 students enrolled
78,118 students enrolled
35,135 students enrolled

Course Duration

52.5 hours of video lessons
48 hours of video lessons
41.5 hours of video lessons
39 hours of video lessons
39 hours of video lessons

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All Levels
All Levels

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